Breakout Topics

During the Saturday Session, each attendee will have the chance to attend two breakout sessions of their choice. Please note on the registration forms that we ask you to list both your top two preferences as well as two alternate sessions in case of scheduling conflict or sessions already being full.

Rejected to Restored.jpg
Rejected to Restored:
Finding God's Love in the Midst of Divorce

Have you ever felt broken, rejected, or unloved? In this session, you will follow a woman’s journey of being broken in the midst of divorce.
God is always pursuing his beloved. Learn how you can respond through prayer, relationship building, forgiveness, and a holy pursuit of our Lord and Savior to restore your heart.

Pursuit or Retreat?:
Learning to Run Toward God Again

How do we move from expecting the worst to recalling the goodness of God? Our perception of God directly influences our pursuit of God. We are either running to Him or from Him. There is no standing still. In this session, find out how to take the first step toward him again.

Finding peace in the midst of the storm.
Letting God Carry You:
Finding Light in the Midst of the Storm

Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances that are truly more than we can handle on our own. God promises to use everything to work together for good. How do we look to this truth and others to find hope, peace and even restoration during challenging circumstances? When it looks like everything is falling apart, you may be being put back together.

Present to Presence.jpg
Present to Presence:
Pursuing a Life of Worship

God lovingly pursues us every moment of every day. Worship is our response to God’s pursuit. Sometimes we respond openly and quickly. Other times, our “stuff” gets in the way.
We will talk about three things that get in the way of a holy and healthy response and how to move toward a life that is transformed by holy pursuit and holy response: a life of worship.

Dream Small.jpg
Dream Small:
Making Every Moment a Discipleship Moment

Dream Small: Making Every Moment a Discipleship Moment

This session will provide ideas for how to make every moment count and make you a better disciple of Christ through prayer, service, and study.

Time to Change Your Filters.jpg
Time to Change Your Filters: 
Honoring God with Healthy Choices

Time to Change your Filters: Honoring God with Healthy Choices

How can you chase what is pure when you feel lousy…tired…weak? You are God's handiwork. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, right down to your microbiome. Our culture has become comfortable with processed and convenient foods; big on easy but short on nourishment. This session will provide encouragement and realistic options to meet you where you are to honor your body the way God designed it, to improve your health and build your faith. Then you will feel equipped to pursue the good works God has already prepared in advance for you to do.

Two Way Pursuit.jpg
Two-Way Pursuit:
God and Me

Do you know that Holy pursuit goes both ways: God’s pursuit of us and our pursuit of Him? Many times we think of Holy pursuit, we only think of our pursuit of God. So many times throughout the Bible, God is in pursuit of people. Can you remember a time that God was in pursuit of you? We all need to be reminded sometimes that God seeks us out. We all have testimonies of pursuit. Examine the Scriptures for evidence during this breakout session!

In Pursuit of Your Prayer Life:
Release The Warrior Within

What is a prayer warrior? Are you armed and ready for each battle? What does it mean to “pray without ceasing”? Learn all this and more in this session as we study what it means to run after God by meeting with Him faithfully in prayer.

Devoted Disciples.jpg
Devoted Disciples:
Biblical Mentoring in the 21st Century

Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when He commanded the Church to make disciples? In this session, you’ll hear the why, when, where, and how of discipleship from two women who’ve benefited from a long-term mentorship. You’ll learn what it means to pursue a life as both a Paul and a Timothy and you’ll be inspired to strengthen the Church and persevere more fully in Christ by answering the call to discipleship.

In His Image.jpg
In His Image:
Seeing Ourselves Through His Grace

Do you need to be reminded that God’s Grace is for you? This is your session! Be reminded about how you are created in God’s image and how He has given you everything you need to live in God’s abundant grace. We are worthy of what God has for us through Christ.

For a Time Such As This.jpg
For Such A Time As This:
Your Life, Your Destiny, Your Purpose

What is your destiny? What is your purpose? What if you aren’t ready for it? What will it looks like when God calls you? Dive deep into the story of Esther and find a connection between her destiny and her identity...and how doing the hard and holy things propelled her into her God-given destiny. The same can be true for you.

Can't See the Garden for the Tree:
A Holy Pursuit for Contentment

In a world so focused on pointing out what we lack, how do we stay focused on the abundant blessings around us? Though the enemy is cunning to shift our focus, we will learn the building blocks of contentment and living a life of gratitude with the power to shift our attitude. With a wider vision to see our garden of God’s goodness, we will not be distracted by a tree.

Holy Spirit Intervention.jpg
Holy Spirit Intervention:
Recognizing & Inviting the Holy Spirit to Work In
Life’s Difficulties

Have you been experiencing difficult life circumstances? This breakout session will lead you in a search through a God’s Word to increase your awareness and understanding of the Holy Spirit’s activity in your life, especially during challenging circumstances. Hear one woman’s story of how the Holy Spirit gave her courage and peace..

Hurt & Hope.jpg
Hurt & Hope:
God’s Design for Trauma Recovery

Have you been through mental, physical, or emotional trauma? This session is about the effect trauma has on the mind, body and soul connection. Our bodies record that trauma, but God has the power to bring hope and healing to every part of us. We will address original design and what God can do if we choose to pursue His healing power.

Gardening the Heart.jpg
Gardening the Heart:
Deeper Roots in Christ Through Spiritual Disciplines

Just as plants require certain conditions to thrive, spiritual rhythms are essential in pursuing maturity in Christ. Hear from a fellow lightbearer and “plant lady” how caring for plants and our own spiritual growth can go hand in hand.