We are trusting God!

Lightbearers Women's Conference hopes to remain a FREE conference for years to come... but to achieve this goal, we need YOUR help and the help of local churches.

We rely entirely on the generosity of His children to cover the costs of putting on a conference such as this one. Speaker, venue, advertising, and food expenses are all covered by donations alone as 100% of the freewill offering taken during the conference is given to ministries in the business of caring for His children. Did you know that since our first conference in 2012, Lightbearers offerings have exceeded $100,000... every penny of which has been given to missions (half to local and half to international missions)!?

If you would be willing to take information to your church leadership, please please please contact us and let us know. We have a packet of information available which includes a letter explaining our mission & vision as well as flyers and other materials, however we know that with funds tightening our cause is more likely to be considered when taken to leadership by a member of the congregation. Each year we have received donations from a hand full of local churches ranging from $100 to $1000, and our expenses have always been completely covered for the conference! He is so faithful! 

If you want to invest in the ministry of Lightbearers personally, please use the PayPal link below or feel free to mail donations to:


Lightbearers Women's Conference

12429 E Ragsdale Rd

Bicknell, IN  47512