The Vision

Lightbearers isn't your average women's conference... it's about reaching across denominations and empowering women to bear the light of Christ in their homes, community, and WORLD! It's about getting filled, so you can pour out onto others. It's about connecting with the lost around us, awakening to injustice, caring for the widow and the orphan. It's about being encouraged in Kingdom living...

That's why Lightbearers is FREE. So you can invite your friend, neighbor, the new girl at work, the single mom you met at daycare. That woman that needs to be encouraged by the love of Christ. The heart of Lightbearers has also been to reach the unchurched, and in the previous two years we have been delighted that approximately 10% of our registrants do not have a home church. We have been even more delighted to see some of these women plug into local congregations after spending the weekend with us at Lightbearers.

That's why Lightbearers is INTER-DENOMINATIONAL. The Lightbearers Planning Committee itself consists of women from eight different churches, and our previous conferences have ministered to women from over ONE HUNDRED different church bodies! Our unity is a witness to this lost and dying world! Our unity brings the Kingdom to earth! Our unity empowers a mission-minded generation to change the world!

That's why Lightbearers is MISSIONAL. We have trusted God to meet our every need for Lightbearers, to provide the funds needed to provide a free lunch, to cover venue expenses, as well as speaker fees so that we may give 100% of the offering to ministries actively working to correct social injustices.

Regardless of where you are in your walk with the Lord, whether you are currently witnessing to and discipling those He has put in your life or if you are still on the fence about all of this "Jesus business"... Lightbearers is for YOU

Questions? Concerns? Special needs? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would delight in serving Him by serving you!